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FIC: Ten Moments - Moment of Clarity (Dr. Who, 10/10)

Title: Ten Moments - Moment of Clarity
Author: golden_orange 
Rating: All ages.
Characters: Ten
Authors Notes: My first attempt at Doctor Who fiction longer than 100 words for a while. Inspired by the 25moments  challenge, only adapted by yours truly. Ten Doctors, therefore ten moments. This is the tenth's. Feedback and comments welcome.
Disclaimer: I don't think there's anyone out there who seriously believes I own Doctor Who, including myself, but just in case someone does, and that someone happens to be litigious - I don't own Doctor Who.
Summary: For a long time, the Doctor’s had questions. Just maybe, he’ll find some answers.

It is a bright, warm morning, and he is an old man in a young man’s body, feeling the gentle breeze ruffle his brown, youthful hair and brush his unlined face. Once again he finds himself alone, distant from everything and everyone he knows and loves, once more the Lonely God wandering through time and space. It seems to be happening to him a lot, recently. He finds himself getting used to it, and isn’t entirely sure whether he approves of that feeling.

The Doctor does not know where and when he is, but the air is full of exotic spices and chattering in a thousand languages, and the narrow streets crowded with people of all shapes, colours, sizes and evolutionary paths. Some are human, some are not. He towers above most of them, lanky and skinny and out of place in his pinstripes and his brown overcoat, but he ignores the curious gazes he receives. He has never felt the need to dress to his surroundings to please the locals, and feels no particular reason to start doing so now at his age.

He is deep in thought, and has been ever since he found himself alone once again. He seems to be finding himself brooding more these days as well. Ever since Donna, ever since Martha, ever since Rose, ever since the War, the Doctor has found himself all-too-frequently musing over his life, contemplating so many unanswered questions and so many possible answers, tiny little problems ballooning together to form complex uncertainties. Some of them please him, others do not. Some of the questions and answers he tries to avoid, bouncing backwards and forwards through time and space to try and distract himself, throwing himself into hectic adventures and noisy crowds in order that he might find something to take his mind off them. Unfortunately, they are not so easily shaken, and often return to him in quiet moments such as this one, demanding his attention.

It’s so much easier to avoid them when he has someone around to keep him company, to show around the universe and save planets with and generally be awesome and spectacular and tremendously showy-offy in front of. He needs a human. Humans are good at that sort of thing, especially the females, and they usually come with their own problems that he can help them solve, providing further distraction. Especially if the problems are of the ‘help-Doctor-something’s-trying-to-eat-me’ variety. He’s good at solving those, and then he doesn’t have to think about all those things he’d rather not think about.

Well, most of the time.

Well, some of the time.


And so the Doctor is deep in thought, lost in introspection within a maze of troubling thoughts and uncertainties, and so it takes him a moment to register the shouts and screams coming from the distance, and the sudden looks of panic on the faces of those around him. There’s suddenly lots of pointing and running going on, and when the Doctor looks in the direction they’re pointing to and running away from he sees a black space ship, hovering omniously above the city, the deep scars and dents indicating a ship that has seen a lot of trouble. What looks like a very unpleasant piece of weaponry (of the ‘of-mass-destruction’ kind, naturally) flickers and hisses from underneath the bow, pointed directly at the heart of the city.

And suddenly, for moment, everything that is bothering the Doctor no longer matters. It is abstract and philosophical, almost trivial, in light of this new danger. Here is something tangible, something real, something that can be dealt with now. His problems are not solved, and will return to trouble him once again, but for just a moment, the path is clear.

For just a moment, the Doctor is free.

He grins, and runs towards danger.
Tags: dr. who
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