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FIC: Ten Moments - Drunk (Dr. Who, 9/10)

Title: Ten Moments - Drunk
Author: golden_orange 
Rating: All ages.
Characters: Nine, Rose
Authors Notes: My first attempt at Doctor Who fiction longer than 100 words for a while. Inspired by the 25moments  challenge, only adapted by yours truly. Ten Doctors, therefore ten moments. This is the ninth's. Feedback and comments welcome.
Disclaimer: I don't think there's anyone out there who seriously believes I own Doctor Who, including myself, but just in case someone does, and that someone happens to be litigious - I don't own Doctor Who.
Summary: Rose Tyler’s better than all the alcohol in the universe put together.

Alcohol does not affect Time Lords. Not the same way it affects humans, at least, and certainly not in the quantities that most places are willing to serve it. For one thing, it will not help the Doctor forget the things he’s seen and done, so he must do that in other ways.

It has become a lot easier since he met Rose Tyler.

She grins at him from across the TARDIS console as they shake and shudder their way through time and space, all innocence and hope and excitement, and when she smiles he finds himself smiling back, and for the first time in his current life so far it feels genuine. Like everything that happened was to someone else (which in a way of course it was, but in another way it wasn’t).

“So where are we going, anyway?” she shouts over the hissing and crackling of the TARDIS console.

“Oi - you wanted to be surprised, and a surprise is what you’re getting. Now button up and hold that lever down!”

She mock-pouts and sticks her tongue out at him, holding the lever down with all her strength. He finds himself concealing a smile, and wonders exactly why this little blonde human has such an effect on him when nothing else has worked. He tried changing himself from the inside out, swapping long hair and finery for a buzz cut and leather, and he tried losing himself in his wanderlust, racing backwards and forward across the universe to see everything and do everything. But his new look was that of a soldier, and his travels kept taking him from disaster to disaster, everywhere he turned a reminder of battle and fire and death. He couldn’t even look in a mirror without being reminded of what had happened. What he had done. There was no drowning of his sorrows, no merciful release from the past.

Until Rose.

The TARDIS lands with a shudder, but things are barely still before Rose is running to the door, full of youth and life. “Come on!” she yells over her shoulder as she pushes her way out of the door, eager to see what lies outside. He follows her, calmly and casually, knowing she’ll be waiting there when he get there.

Outside, the sky is gold and the grass is purple, and the calls of strange, exotic creatures can be heard for miles. A gentle stream trickles and bubbles beside them, water cascading over smooth rocks. The air smells like earth after a cleansing summer rainstorm. In the distance, past the rising hills, is a mountain range, it’s peaks taller than any on earth. And standing there, eyes wide with wonder, is Rose, drinking it all in.

The Doctor walks beside her and holds out his arms. “Did I deliver, or did I deliver?”

“Where are we?” she whispers.

The Doctor grins. “Doesn’t have a name. Hasn’t been discovered by anyone, besides me. You’re the first human being to stand on this world since… well, ever. I think it’s about time someone named it, though. Fancy the honours?”

Rose looks at him. “You’re serious?”

“Am I wearing clown shoes? If not, then yes.”

Rose frowns contemplatively for a moment, then nods. “Jackie.” she says firmly.

The Doctor rolls his eyes. “‘Jackie’? You name a planet after your mum?”

“You said I could name it, didn’t you? What’s wrong with ‘Jackie’?”

The Doctor gets the distinct feeling that answering that question would be a big mistake. “Very well; Planet Jackie it is. Fancy a look around your mum's planet, then?”

The look in Rose’s eyes makes him think he could jump over one of those mountains in a single bound. There’s no doubt about it; Rose Tyler is intoxicating, and it’s fantastic.
Tags: dr. who
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